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The Tabernacle at the Gateway

Pastor Phillip Cochran

In 2012, God called us to the Western North Carolina mountains. Like Abraham, we were going to a land where we knew no one, and the inhabitants of the land  did not look like us.  But, this was where the fulfillment of the vision would come to pass. While producing the Body Builders Television Network the message of  ‘holiness’ was decreasing in so many broadcast. 

In 2000, Drs. Will and Brenda Chambliss launched Body Builders Television Network as a network of the future. Our goal was to provide programming where viewers would have more choices on a emerging platform  ‘the world  wide web, www.'

We were blessed to be a part of the Western North Carolina Church of God 2019 Campmeeting, featured here with Bishop Kenneth R. Bell, Administrative Bishop and his lovely wife Lady Trish Bell. You can watch the entire serices of the WNC Camp Meeting 2019 by clicking here. 

The door closed in Murphy and in August 2018, we relocated to Sylva, 65 miles north. While there, we continued the plans for Pentecostal Celebration 2019 at Gateway Campground and Conference Center in Whittier, North Carolina, a ministry of the Western North Carolina Church of God, Dr. Kenneth R. Bell, Administrative Bishop. During the process, it became increasingly clear that more was happening than an ‘event venue’. A great relationship formed with Pastor Phillip Cochran, Pastor of the Murphy Church of God and head of the  Gateway Campground committee.


We, however began to teach on our foundation, Classical Pentecostal Holiness; sanctification, holiness, speaking in tongues. We soon realized how foreign almost these terms were in many arenas of church ministry.

This is behind the church in Hayesville, NC. Our first two years in transition, this was home. Now, we have a home not on  wheels. 

 During the process of promoting and producing the Body Builders Television Network, we continued to share the vision with pastors through L.I.F.E. Leaders Institute For Excellence Pastors & Leaders Summits and N.P.M.N.I, the Next Phase Ministry Network International. All of this was being done as we fulfilled our vision for the Embassy Christian Center.











We did not know the spiritual significance of the Shearer School House Revival of 1896 which occurred 10 years before the Azusa Street Revival   in Murphy, North Carolina. We did not  know the significant role in the history of Classical Pentecostalism and spiritual; strongholds. From the Trail of Tears to the Shearer School House Revival, a spirit of spiritual darkness has covered our region. Dr. Will and I always say ' God brought two Classical Pentecostal African Americans in a predominantly all white Southern Baptist area. Why? To be who we are and do what we do. Be an example of what it is to live Holy and be a Classical Pentecostal. This area will sure keep you praying and seeking God. 







As we continued to find the right home for the Embassy Ministries, we contined to do TV and host events. We were in Hayesville, NC (above) two years then Murphy, below for 3 yrs. We thought our view from the 'Terrace'  was going to be the spot, but God said no. 












A great relationship formed with Pastor Phillip Cochran, Pastor of the Murphy Church of God and head of the  Gateway Campground committee. They saw the vision, shared it with the committee and we launched a partnership where the Gateway Campground and Conference Center is the new home of the Embassy Christian Center Church of God in Christ, Body Builders Television Network TV tapings and more. 









Our partnership with ‘The Gateway' comes at a prime time as we launch Boot Camp: Media, Evangelism & Discipleship Training from a Classical Pentecostal Perspective and Revival In The Smokies.  You will feel the presence of God as soon as you come on campus.  Thinking of hosting an event in the Great Smokey Mountains of Western North Carolina? Whether it's a conferences, concerts, banquet; leadership training or youth retreat, I would love to introduce you the Gateway Campground and Conference Center and help yo plan your next event. For more informaation, click here.

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