Body Builders Television Network is the media ministry arm the Embassy Christian Center Church of God in Christ (  Evangelism and Discipleship Ministry offering teaching and training from a Classical Pentecostal Perspective. Today, 60% of Americans receive their programming from a streaming service on platforms and devices that allow them to be in charge of their own programming for less $$$$$ and restrictions plus offers more variety, diversity and choices. We saw this coming over 20 years ago and launched Body Builders Television Network as and example of the future of Christian TV. Body Builders Television Network provides 10 channels that stream 24/7 from our website and Roku (see below) the number one streaming platform in the world. We will maintain industry standards of professional broadcasting while offering global programming from a Classical Pentecostal perspective.


For only $19.99 a month (click here)  you will receive all 10 channels, 40 themes 1,000 On Demand Video Library and access to live streams exclusive on the Body Builders Television Network. We are totally supported by the Embassy Christian Center Church of God in Christ; ministries and individuals who share our passion for Evangelism and Discipleship and programming from a Classical Pentecostal Perspective. Since we don’t charge for traditional air time, we are in charge of all of our programming.  Each channel focuses on a specific theme and that programming will air from 6am– 12:00 noon (Est).  Then the additional programming themes kick in, here's an example:


WHIM TV: Where He Is Magnified: 6am 9am Our streaming channel keeping you inspired and informed on What’s Happening In the Mountains of Western North Carolina at our location at the Gateway Campground and Conference Center.


Embassy TV: 9am-12:00 noon  Our main channel for the Embassy Christian Center, Church of God in Christ; local church services; preaching and teaching of Drs Will & Dr Brenda Chambliss.


BBTV Today: 12:00 pm-3:00 pm The promotional broadcast of the Body Builders Television Network. You will watch the past 19 years as well as the new season and future BBTV Today broadcast.


Kingdom Perspective with Will & Brenda: 3:00 pm - 6pm Join Drs Will and Brenda for their weekely broadcast that looks at news, views and current events from a Kingdom perspective.

Then, the programming will repeat; 12 hours of programming, twice a day, 24/hours.

This is done on each of our ten channels  with 4 themes making it do different channels of programming. Can’t watch all the time? We also have a On Demand Library with 1,000 videos and “Live Streaming, of services, events and more, exclusive on Body Builders Television Network, no other streaming media. Our promotional broadcast, BBTV Today is now our social media broadcast that will promote the ministries of The Embassy, Body Builders Television Network and our BOOT Camps: Evangelism & Discipleship Training from a Classical Pentecostal Perspective.

As we enter these last days Drs. Will and Brenda Chambliss are serious about , “ Empowering a Generation through the Power of the Holy Ghost”.  You support of $19.99 a month (click here) is and investment. Our saying. “ Embrace the vision….Impact the kingdom...Invest in your destiny” . Make that investment right now, only 19.99 a month and no contract to sign or penalties for stopping; this is all about ministry.  We thank you in advance and pray that this will be the first level of connection and we will get to meet you online or at one of our events at the Embassy Christian Center Church of God in Christ, 87 Vinewood, Circle, Whittier, North Carolina 28906 on the campus of the Gateway Campground and Conference Center ( ).


Body Builders Television Network ; 10 channels streaming 24/7.

Only 19.99 a month. Make a Kingdom investment, click here!!!!

  Below are our 30 additional channel themes that air daily.

You know what you need to feed your spirit. There is an alternative to 'stream searching' on social media. Our On Deman Video Library offers, Preaching, Teaching, Music, Revivals, Talk shows, Church Broadcast and more, there when you need it from qujaified sources. Enjoy  the Boot Camp TV On Demand Video Library; 1,000  as a part of your Evangelism & Discipleship Group Membership.